1. Testing and setting advanced standards for equipment (boards, clocks)
2. Modernizing venue requirements
3. Developing advanced technologies for capturing games by active collaboration with companies (scoresheets, e-boards, gadgets with AI)
4. Improving broadcast technologies
5. Digitalizing FIDE services (including former agenda of SPP)
6. Digitalizing internal FIDE procedures (assisting other commissions)
7. Ensuring compatibility across technologies and e-platforms.

Our Mission

The current TEC was established in 2022-2026 under the leadership of the FIDE President. Our mission is to drive innovation, set advanced standards, and enhance technological aspects within the chess community. We are dedicated to modernizing equipment, venues, and broadcasting technologies while digitalizing FIDE services and internal procedures. Through active collaboration with technology companies, we aim to revolutionize the chess experience and ensure compatibility across various platforms.

Advancing Equipment Standards

One of our primary focuses is on testing and setting advanced standards for chess equipment, including boards and clocks. By ensuring the highest quality of equipment, we aim to elevate the chess playing experience at all levels.

Modernizing Venue Requirements

TEC is dedicated to modernizing venue requirements for chess tournaments. We aim to provide players, organizers, and spectators with state-of-the-art facilities that enhance the overall chess tournament experience.

Pioneering Advanced Technologies

Through active collaboration with leading technology companies, we are dedicated to developing cutting-edge technologies for capturing games. This includes exploring innovative solutions such as scoresheets, e-boards, and gadgets with artificial intelligence to revolutionize how chess games are recorded and analyzed.

Enhancing Broadcast Technologies

We are committed to improving broadcast technologies to bring chess events to a global audience in the most engaging and accessible manner possible.

Digitalizing FIDE Services

TEC is spearheading the digitalization of various FIDE services, making them more efficient, accessible, and user-friendly. This includes streamlining the former agenda of the Systems of Pairings and Programs (SPP).

Streamlining Internal FIDE Procedures

To assist other FIDE commissions, TEC is actively involved in digitalizing internal FIDE procedures. Our goal is to make processes more efficient and seamless, benefiting the entire chess community.

Ensuring Compatibility Across Platforms

TEC strives to ensure compatibility across different technologies and e-platforms, enabling smooth interactions and connectivity for chess enthusiasts worldwide

Organizational Structure

TEC operates under a well-defined organizational structure, which includes departments and workgroups.


TEC operates under a well-defined organizational structure, which includes departments and workgroups. The TEC comprises six departments, each with specific responsibilities and areas of expertise. These departments are:

  • Systems of Pairings and Programs (SPP)

  • Critical TEC

  • Support

  • Development

  • Management

  • Marketing


TEC includes two types of workgroups:

  • Temporary Workgroups: These groups are assembled to address specific tasks or projects, such as testing new products or exploring technological advancements.

  • Permanent Workgroups: These groups focus on ongoing projects and initiatives within specific areas of expertise.

Responsibilities of Department Heads

Each department is led by a responsible individual who oversees its operations, including organizing and scheduling meetings, delegating tasks within the department, and handling communication within and outside the department.

  • Chairman – Tiberiu Georgescu

  • Honorary Chair – Andrzej Filipowicz

  • Secretary – Hendrik du Toit

  • Councilors – Roberto Ricca, Agnieszka Brustman, Mehrdad Pahlevanzadeh, Sultan Ali Al Taher

  • Head of Departments – Roberto Ricca, Mario Held, Arasu B, Fungirayiini Mushaninga, Dinu
    Ioan-Nicula (as head of Management and Procedure Workgroup) and Tania Karali.

Involvement of Members

Every member of the TEC is an active participant in at least one department and one workgroup. This ensures a collaborative approach to decision-making and project implementation.

Workgroup Representatives

Each workgroup designates a representative, responsible for conveying relevant information and updates between the workgroup and the TEC.