1 The Systems of Pairings and Programs Commission shall deal with objects of the virtual world, such as algorithms and software, that implement the elements of the chess realm framework.

2 The principal objectives of SPP are:

  • To design algorithms that implement certain features required by the framework.
  • To develop standards and minimum specifications for software used in any framework objects or their interactions.
  • To establish testing procedures that would determine whether a piece of software meets the requirements.

3 The SPP shall develop and verify algorithms that implement pairing rules set by the Laws of Chess / General Regulations for Competitions.

4 The SPP shall develop and verify algorithms to calculate tiebreak criteria established by the General Regulations for Competitions.

5 The SPP shall develop test criteria and test suites to assess whether a software program provides a correct implementation of a certain algorithm.

6 The SPP shall develop minimum usability guidelines, UX / UI / traceability recommendations for tournament software.

7 The SPP shall certify software programs that meet the established criteria, pending a final approval by the FIDE Council.

8 The SPP shall develop standards to ensure adoption of Chess ID by all tournament software.

9 The SPP shall develop open protocols for data exchange between electronic chess devices. Test and certify software implementations of such protocols.

10 Therefore, some specific areas of responsibility of the Systems of Pairings and Programs Commission include but are not limited to: Dutch, Dubov and Burstein Swiss pairing systems; accelerated pairings; tournament software and online portals; protocols to connect electronic chess boards and clocks; players’ avatars for VR play.