FIDE Endorses New “Chess Online Pairing Program”

FIDE is pleased to announce the official endorsement of the “Chess Online Pairing Programme” available at The endorsement, marked under decision CM1-2024/19, represents a significant step towards integrating modern technology in the organization and management of chess tournaments globally.

The testing and evaluation of the programme were meticulously conducted by Mr. Roberto Ricca and the SPP Department, ensuring the platform meets FIDE’s high standards for functionality and reliability. The “Chess Online Pairing Programme” is built on the foundation of the popular chess web portal Results of Chess Tournaments (RShT), which features its own unique rating system and a comprehensive suite of high-tech software products. This platform is widely utilized by commercial organizers, coaches, and educators in Russia, making the chess tournament experience more accessible and engaging.

The RShT rating system not only facilitates the smooth execution of tournaments but also enriches the chess experience for players of all ages. With features that allow for the tracking of personal chess history, rating changes, and tournament progress, RShT is a valuable resource for young chess enthusiasts looking to improve their game.

FIDE is excited about this collaboration, which opens up new possibilities for chess tournament organizers worldwide. By leveraging the proven technologies and experiences gained from prominent Russian chess events, organizers can elevate the quality and reach of their own tournaments.

FIDE is committed to fostering growth and innovation in the chess community. We welcome new proposals and ideas that can contribute to this mission. Let’s work together to continue making chess an exciting and dynamic sport for everyone.

For any inquiries or further information, please contact Hendrik du Toit at