Organizational Structure

The TEC commission comprises 23 members, including the chairman, honorary chairman, secretary, councillors, and general members. Each member holds a specific position with defined responsibilities.

Management Board

Some adjustments were made regarding internal organization, as can be observed the Management Board is composed of:

    • Chairman – Tiberiu Georgescu

    • Honorary Chair – Andrzej Filipowicz

    • Secretary – Hendrik du Toit

    • Councillors – Roberto Ricca, Agnieszka Brustman, Mehrdad Pahlevanzadeh, Sultan Ali Al Taher

    • Head of Departments – Roberto Ricca, Mario Held, Mushaninga Fungirayiini, Arasu B., Dinu Ioan-Nicula (as head of Management and Procedure Workgroup) and Tania Karali.