What we do

As part of TEC commission, SPP department deals with:

  1. Pairing systems (mainly Swiss but also others), that means creating, developing and checking sets of rules for pairings
  2. Verbal description of pairing rules to promote the understanding and the use of the rules even without computers. This point is important to avoid the image of a computer club
  3. Algorithms representing the rules. The algorithms are a fine feasibility check of the rules
  4. Help for programmers to produce effective programs including correct interpretation of the rules
  5. Checks and endorsement of submitted programs

From our point of view the advantages of endorsed programs are on both sides:

  • The programmers get a better distribution of their programs by a successful endorsement.
  • Programs are an important help to organize tournament with a large number of participants.
  • We, the TEC Commission, need absolutely these programs to distribute (and to publish) our rules.