FIDE Technical Commission TEC Meeting, April 25-26, 2015

Prague, CZE


  1. Opening by chairman
  2. Final text of the Separate Chapter of the Technical matters in the FIDE Handbook & Website Including  Tournament hall requirements
  3. Chess equipments
  4. Internet Broadcast
  5. Guidelines on treatment of disabled chess players
  6. Electronic scoresheet – remarks and recommendation
  7. Testing of chess clocks – procedure
  8. The proposal of the Hungarian CF regarding the tie-break system of Olympiads.
  9. Tie-break system in FIDE and Continental events –remarks of Mr. R. Anantharam of India and the official proposal to the FIDE  PB
  10. The theory of the FIDE tie-break system was removed from the FIDE Rules of Chess and we have to publish in the Technical matters as a separate chapter.
  11. Miscellaneous

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