FIDE Technical Commission Meeting 2016

FIDE Technical Commission TEC Meeting, May 14-15, 2016

Warsaw, POL


  1. Opening by chairman
  2. Information regarding the final text of the Separate Chapter of the Technical
    matters published in the FIDE Handbook & Website as
    “02. Standards of Chess Equipment for FIDE Tournaments”
  3. Guidelines on treatment of school tournaments.
    3.1. The guidelines should be used for all school tournaments.
    3.2. Arrangements for participants
    3.3. Arbiters and their duties (e.g. necessary explanation of the basic rules)
    3.4. Organizers and their duties
    3.5. Tournament conditions – organisation of the tournament hall
    3.6. Rate of play and tie-break system
  4. Tie-break system in FIDE and Continental events
  5. Unified Regulation of the FIDE and Continental events.
  6. Miscellaneous

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