In the first three months of 2024, TEC continued the projects and activities started in2023.

We have two types of activities:

  • Recurrent ones, such as endorsement processes or assisting other people in technical aspects of chess.
  • Developing efforts, consisting in improving the regulations, as well as developing new projects.

While doing endorsement for new products, we identified some new challenges posed by innovative chess software solutions (or hardware solutions that include software). These solutions bring to the table new dimensions which can help improving the chess community. However, due to the innovative character of this products, we observed that often the FIDE handbook doesn’t include all the necessary amendments.

Below are described the main efforts regarding endorsement processes performed by TEC in Q1 2024.

  1. Chess Online Pairing Program
  2. Video Assisted Refereeing
  3. Clono Electronic Scoresheet
  4. Chess NoteR

Other than above endorsements below are few activities in Q1 2024

  1. Exercises in Tie-Breaking
  2. Changing in C.04 Regulations

Projects in progress
1. Tournament Portal Specifications
2. Team Pairing System
3. DGT Live Improvements

Detailed report is available here – Download