FIDE Technical Commission TEC Meeting, September 27, 2018

Batumi, GEO


  1. Opening by chairman.
  1. Proposed corrections to the Chapter of the Technical matters in the FIDE Handbook.
    1. Testing of chess clocks.
    1. Unplayed games in Buchholz and Sonneborn-Berger system.
    1. Cumulative system in tie-break.
  1. Results of testing the special electronic device, that allows arbiters and players to check the possibility of transmissions data during the games. The device was introduced on the TEC meeting in Prague by IM Artur Frolov RUS.
  1. The social media including the TEC Website as well as the Twitter and Facebook will be introduced by Mr. Sultan Al Taher.
  1. The electronic scoresheet, proposed by Mr. Joey Troy of USA, that was accepted by the US Federation, will be introduced.
  1. The Chinese Proposal, regarding the YIHU Smart Chess Board sent us by Mr. Xiong Hao will be presented.
  1. The short report of the TEC meeting in Prague.
  1. Miscellaneous

Please follow the link to see the report